Saturday, January 8, 2011

Preparing a syllabus produces brain-rot

I'm still slogging through creating a new course.  I knew it would be time-consuming, but this is ridiculous.  The topic is nontraditional and interdisciplinary.  Thus, it is very hard to construct a syllabus--few model syllabi out there, no good textbook.  But there is high student interest, and I'll be excited about it again (I hope!) once this monster of a syllabus is done.  Almost there!

Something about creating or even revising a course rots my brain.  It is both intellectually intense and tedious.  Earlier this week, after a long day of syllabus-preparing, I missed my bus stop by a few stops.  And then when I caught the bus going back the other way, I got off the bus too early!  In my defense, it was dark, which makes it nearly impossible to see one's location.  But still. 

This would be a lot easier if I just used a textbook and then lectured on whatever I wanted.  But generally I shun textbooks and use my own selection of articles plus a few books.  I discuss the readings in class, weaving them in to lecture/discussion, so I really need them to be good. 


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