Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update on the sock

A few days ago I posted that my dog ate my daughter's sock--just gulped it down unchewed (she's a big dog).  I was worried. If she didn't pass it out the other end, she'd need surgery.

Two days later, my son found the sock on the back porch. Yeah!  The dog had just thrown it up--all in one piece, just like it went down.

My daughter was happy to get her sock back! She's 5 and doesn't seem to understand the physical consequences of eating socks.  She also can't understand why I don't want to pop the sock in the washer so she can start wearing it again.  I get a blank look from her when I say, "But the sock was in the dog's stomach for two whole days!"


  1. hahaha, oh my that's fantastic. I seem to recall at 5 though that the concept of a "stomach" is a bit different...more like a cavern of nothingness as opposed to the organ we all know. :)

  2. How did the yarn hold up?! Is it a handknit? (And other questions a knitter asks!)

  3. @loveskidlit: I was curious too, so I checked. It looked exactly the same, but coated with partially digested dog food. I was surprised that it didn't look at all digested after two days--not even a little bit. The sock was cheap acrylic (and probably some cotton), so I suppose that helps explain it.
    @Banshee: That's right. It's like the dog just had it in her doggie bed for two days.

  4. Well, true. Otherwise it may have felted in there!