Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bad Grad

I'm working closely with two students right now.  One just graduated with her B.A., the other is a grad student finished with coursework and almost ABD.

One shows up to meetings a few minutes early.  The other (the graduate student) shows up 10 minutes late.  I can't believe anyone would make an appointment with someone to talk about their own work, and then be late. 

One follows through on everything she says she will do, taking care not to promise more than she can realistically handle.  The other has done less than half of what she said she'd do this summer--and this after a near-disastrous fieldwork stint last summer when only a fraction of her promised work was completed.  Might I add that her fieldwork was funded by my own internal grant--$4k down the drain.

I've committed to being the grad student's adviser.  But her faults are so obvious when compared to this incredibly mature (and smart) recent BA who has been sooooo easy to work with. 


  1. I'm a PhD student, and I'm horrified that I'm reading this. It just seems so...unprofessional on your end. I'm sorry I stumbled upon your annoyance of people. :(

  2. I'm another PHD student who stumbled upon this and I agree with the first commenter. We must both be procrastinating from our finals =P. I'm almost abd too. But I find your blog funny but catty. You don't remember what being a phd student was like yourself and all the angst you felt? someone with a BA has far less flaming hoops to jump through. I find you also kind of judgemental esp with the post about the obviously arent a sociology or a public health prof or you would know the working poor like housecleaner suffers from poor chronic conditions than us ppl elitist enough to go to and finish grad school. You should cut us all a break.

  3. Wow, that's incredibly frustrating! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to remain patient with this grad student! Does she/he happen to have any extenuating circumstances happening in their life or is this just their M.O.? I'm sure you've already gone this route but perhaps a little firm criticism is in order! I know it would certainly straighten me right out!