Friday, September 17, 2010

My Kids' Vacation while I Work

Turns out my son made the baseball team.  We've been warned it will cost about $600, but Little League cost at least $300. Plus, there will be fundraising opportunities.  The worst part is that he will have to miss out on the annual camping trip that my extended family has been doing for the last 68 years.  He loves those trips, so I'm sad for him.  Plus sad for me because I'll miss him--but I'm going regardless, and taking daughter. 

The school district switched around the teacher prep days this year.  There is no school Thursday, Friday, and Monday--5 days straight of no school, and less than 5 weeks into the school year.  This has caused such parental confusion (it is hard to believe that the kids already have so many days off), that I've received 3 automated phone calls plus one email from the school district reminding me.  Of course, I am waist-deep in work and there is no way we could have gone on a trip--that, plus the onerous football schedule.

Fortunately, my parents are here this week and are caring for the kids Th and Fri. I don't know why, but lately I feel busier than ever when they visit.  I go to work, then come home around 5:30 and rush around prepping dinner, then when not attending evening obligations, I talk with my parents.  Which is great.  But the kitchen doesn't seem to get very clean on its own and the clothes aren't washing themselves.  So housework is totally piling up as I'm trying at least to catch up with work.  And no, my mom doesn't take over the housework when she is here--good for her!  She does help with meals, and my dad even cooked some burgers.

At work, I've finished the ms. review for the university press, the review for the journal, and the tenure review.  Now I just have the book review for the journal (good book, so not such a chore).  I am about to decline to review another journal request to review an article because I already reviewed the same piece for another journal.  That's the second time this has happened in a year.  Unfortunately, the first time I didn't realize it until the last minute, right before it was due (title was vague, and had changed a bit, so I didn't know until I started actually reading it).  Ooooops.  Those screw-ups don't make an editor's life any easier.

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