Thursday, December 30, 2010

Note to journal editors--snarkiness is sometimes counterproductive

Did a full day's work today (versus a couple hours here and there everyday throughout my supposed holiday). As I sat down to do a review for a journal, by coincidence I received the following email from the editor.

"Dear Dr. Mom,
Gosh...We would really appreciate it if you could return your review for Mid-Level Journal. The author has been waiting for nearly 8 weeks and we would like to return a decision in the next day or so. If you could send your review, I'd be ever grateful."

Is this a snarky comment? I'm assuming it is. 

Given that I had it over Thanksgiving break (1 week) and Winter Break (2+ weeks), in my estimation, I only really had it for 5 weeks. I know that's not how it works, necessarily.  But since I have never, ever gotten a review back on articles I submit within 8 weeks AND I'm doing volunteer labor over break, I don't think I deserve a sarcastic comment.  

Hmmphf. I'll say "no" to that editor next time! (Actually, knowing me, I probably won't say no).


  1. I think snark begets snark. Or deserves snark. :)

    And if they're counting the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas in the 8 weeks, they're being kind of naive in my opinion.

    But I'm young and idealistic. :)

  2. Yes, exactly--naive!
    But in my experience, the young and still idealistic reviewers are best at keeping to schedule, on average. It is the famous full professors who can be the worst, judging from what I've heard plus my stints as guest editor.

  3. Yep..I'd agree with you. I reckon that they don't take holidays.