Friday, December 17, 2010

Switching jailers: from revising jail to grading jail

I just completed and submitted a bear of a paper that has been killing me.  It was a revise and resubmit for the highest profile journal in my field, which also has the highest rejection rate.  I was happy to get the opportunity to revise.  But when I uploaded it, I saw that it had been tagged as a "cool" R&R, which I'm assuming means--fat chance but you may as well try again if you want to. 

I already knew it was going to need extensive revision to have a chance.  But somehow the word "cool" doesn't sit well with me--like the journal is giving me the cold shoulder or being "cool" toward me (not warm and inviting).  I could have gone for a kinder euphemism today, as I submitted this monster that I'd been working to revise for two months.

So, while I all my colleagues plus the academic bloggers have been in "grading jail," I've been in R&R jail to make the Dec. 17 deadline.  Usually, I would go have a nice lunch--or if later in the day, I'd have a glass of wine.

But nooooooo!  I am just switching jailers, and you can now find me in grading jail. 

But this blog post helps.  She call herself the "Worst Professor Ever"--but right now some of her advice makes me think of her as the "Professor's Best Friend" (at least in the blogosphere).  If you don't follow this blog, you really really should give it a try.


  1. Thanks for the blog tip. I like it!

    I can so relate to the R&R anxiety. Am dealing with one as well. SO NOT FUN.

    Sounds like you've worked very hard on yours (two months of revising is pretty "cool," if you ask me).

    Got your back.

  2. Hi Dr. Mom,

    Thanks for the ping. I'm glad to help -- and can I quote you on that??

    I don't have kids myself, but I have many academic friends who do, and I seriously have no idea how y'all do it, I'll have to read more of your blog! Best of luck with the grading etc.


    PS Love that you keep your to-do list in your sidebar. I think more academics need to do this so everybody understands how crazy the life is.

  3. WoPro! Thanks! and yes, you can quote me on that!

    And thanks also to P. Glad you like the blog tip!