Monday, July 25, 2011

Biking for ice cream

My daughter is 6, and it is definitely time for her to learn to ride her bike.  She really really wants to ride it.  But at the same time, she never quite committed to it.

She's been doing well with the pedals off, just coasting with her feet out.  So we put the pedals back on and off she went, almost without even thinking about it!

That was two days ago.  As incentive, I proposed that we ride our bikes to the ice cream shop.  It is mostly down hill, but not too steep.

Ideally, I would have ridden my bike too.  But she still needs me to run alongside her.  So I got a pretty good workout on the way to the ice cream shop. 

It was lovely.  Daughter was so proud of herself.  Son was actually quite supportive of her.  Ice cream was terrific.


  1. Yay, Mom!

    It's weird how bicycling is easier the less you think about it. That was my experience when I was 10 (gasp hiss) and learned to ride.

  2. I'm having the same struggle with my 5-yr old. He really wants to ride, but can't get the pedals right.

    Maybe this is sad, but I hadn't thought about taking the pedals OFF....

  3. re. pedals off--she was having such a hard time learning to ride, that we did some online research and decided to lower her seat and take of the pedals. so for a while she was just scooting along with her feet. That is what finally did the trick. She is on a tiny bike, which also helped her (though once she gets better, it will be hard to go up hill on).