Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm baaaaack--forging headlong into endless meetings

Back from Europe.  Whew!  Last night I was trying to get my family people to understand that I was really, really tired.  I explained how time zones work--and then my son figured out that I had been up for 24 hours (not counting a few cat naps)!  No wonder I was falling asleep reading to my kids.

I scheduled many meetings with students today--to demonstrate my super-availability to them and make up for being gone a week. Guilt.

Plus, two 1.5 hr meetings that I'm not looking forward to.  I've been in this bulldozer-type of mode--just pushing through all these not-so-pleasant time-barriers (5am trip to airport, loooong flights, meetings).  Not thinking much, just doing. Light at the end of the tunnel, it's got to be there.  (Mixing metaphors--I'm still delirious).

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