Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Thanksgiving Backlog

Happy Thanksgiving! 
I am thankful for so much. My family most of all.

But Thanksgiving week is also the week when I try very hard to catch up on my backlog.  This year is particularly bad.  So I am also thankful that my family hasn't yelled at me yet for working this morning.

Meet my To-Do list:
  • Grading:
    • 1 term paper for Euro university (40 pgs) asap
    • 36 papers for class (5-7 pgs ea) by Tues but haven't started yet
  • Reviews:
    • 2 manuscripts for journals - both due in 2-3 weeks
    • 1 book review for a journal - due last August :(
  • Research:
    • revise and resubmit by Dec. 17 (this is what is killing me the most)
    • prep campus lecture (new) to give Dec. 2
    • continue to work on paper with student for submission by Jan. 31
    • my book manuscript - draft last 3 chapters by May 2011
  • Read and give comments:
    • 2 chapters of colleagues book manuscript - due asap
    • 2 chapters of grad student dissertation - due week of Dec. 6
    • 1 article manuscript by grad student - due whenever she makes an apptmt with me and sticks to it.
  • Service
    • prepare two new course proposals - due a year ago
    • all sorts of other little things
  • Courses for next semester:
    • prep an entire new course! gulp
  • Recommendations
    • three letters of recommendation - not so bad
I am thankful it's not worse!  But yes, I am working (for just a few hours) on Thanksgiving day. 

My son is bummed because nearly every single one of his friends has gone somewhere this week for the holidays.  Unfortunately, I couldn't dream of taking a vacation right now.  I so desperately need this week of no classes so I can catch up on work!


  1. Hope you got to do the work in slippers and sweats and made a big dent in it this break.

    Your list is making me rethink my career choice!

  2. Definitely worked, and in slippers/sweats!

    November is the time for faculty to complain. So don't despair about your career-choice. It is always better in September and January.

    I make things harder on myself by taking this lecture-series gig in Europe early Nov. Still catching up.