Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Online Courses--Love 'Em or Leave?

Yesterday, in a post on online courses, I mentioned that I had questioned whether quality was compromised.  I suspected that I had touched some raw nerves (though I asked the question not as an attack but rather as a concerned professor of a future online course). 

This morning, at 8:01AM, I received this message from the person in charge of online classes:
"I'd like to follow up -- if you don't think we can offer a quality online course  then we don't want to do it." 

This irritated me.  It is hard for me to formulate exactly why.  But I would have preferred a statement like, "We are firmly committed to online courses that retain the high quality of X University.  We look forward to working with you to ensure that you are able to produce a rigorous online learning experience for our students."  The response I did get seems more like, "Well if you don't like it, we'd prefer you leave."  Not a healthy environment for learning, I would say.


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