Friday, February 25, 2011

Pet digestion and hotness (or lack thereof)

The dog ate a sock yesterday.  Bright pink little girl sock.  I told her to drop it, and usually she does.  But she saw me coming and just swallowed it whole.  So now my son's job is to look for a pink sock when she poops.  At least it wasn't a black or brown sock--that would have been made his job harder.

The cat hacked up a huge hairball on my son's homework binder (binder was open, too).  We haven't cleaned it up yet.  Kinda gross, but kinda funny.  That's how we are.

I Googled my name.  I was looking for something else, but accidentally saw that on "Rate my professor" I had a low score for "hotness."  I'm not stupid enough to open that link and investigate.  This info was just on the brief description that pops up on the Google list.  Up to now, I've been able to protect myself. I'm at that age at which I am thinking more and more about forms of plastic surgery and other interventions (botox, for example).  But I'm also opposed to it on gender principles.

It isn't going to be very good weather this weekend.  But I think we better go skiing nonetheless. My mood depends upon it.

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