Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Buck$!

I just received my annual check from the university press publisher of my book--$50!  Woohoo!  I plan to spend it on something special. 

Actually, I never expected to make money off the book, just to make tenure.  So I'm good with it.  My book has now sold 1,097 copies.  That sounds so small (it IS small), but for disciplines such as mine, it's not bad.  I went to a talk by an editor specializing in my field, and he said that the average number of books sold in the field was 750. 

Now to finish book #2!  I just hope someone wants to publish it.  I've been working on articles too much lately.


  1. Getting a book published by a university press is worth infinitely more than $50.00. Congratulations to you! May I suggest you spend it all on your awesome self?!

  2. Wow!! Congratulations! Yes, getting your book published by a university press should be more than $50.00! Please spend the sum on your awesome self!!

  3. Thanks to both P and Anthea! I published it a while ago. But my contract stated that I only received any % of profits after the first 1,000 were sold. So I FINALLY hit that mark and received a small check last year and this. I'm trying to think of something at least symbolically special that will cost about $50...