Saturday, April 16, 2011

I love student evaluation week!

Our administrative assistant has announced it!  Student evaluation forms are in our mailboxes.  We must pass them out this coming week.  Yaaaaay!

Why do I love student evaluation week?
1.  Like robins and daffodils signal spring, student evaluations signal end-of-semester is coming! I love both signs of spring and signs of end-of-semester.

2.  Once the students fill out evaluations, I feel free.  I can relax with the rest of the lectures, at least a bit.  I don't have to be so polite to the whiny or rude students.  When students pressure me to hand out the study guide earlier than stated on the syllabus, I don't have to stress out about it.

There is this idea out there that professors at research universities don't care about teaching.  But all the faculty I know seem to at least think that they care--care a lot!  And my department has excellent teachers, which makes life hard for me since I have to keep up with them and their high evaluation scores.  But after evaluations on Tuesday, pressure is off!

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