Thursday, April 28, 2011

The choir needs to kick it up a notch

Well, I'm done.  Done with classes.  My students were very nice on the last day, which hopefully means they feel they learned a lot and liked the class.  I liked them (well, all but one). 

My son's elementary school choir had their performance tonight. I've never really been big on choirs--didn't like being in them, much less listening to them. Of course, it's a lot better when your child is in the choir.  But the music teacher picked some boring stinkers this semester.  I wish he'd stick to the proven crowd-pleasers, frankly.  Why experiment?  You could definitely tell which ones the kids liked to sing (the only two crowd-pleasers in the bunch). 

My neighbor, who volunteers with the choir, didn't like the songs either. She says it's because the music teacher is going through a divorce, which is too bad.  He has seemed kind of sad lately.

After the kid choir, a men's a cappella group sang. Now they had fun songs!  Plus, it's just nice to see people have so much joy in what they're doing.

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